Frequently Asked Questions and Answers



1. How do I start learning FengShui ?                          


You must learn the true and correct Feng Shui teachings from the right source. It is imperative that you exercise care and look for a good authentic Feng Shui Master with an established track record. It is advisable that you learn the correct basic Feng Shui principles before you further your studies.   



2.How can I know the Feng Shui I learn is authentic?

In the study of Feng Shui, the heritage of the Master is extreme importance. You must select a Feng Shui school where the current Master is able to evidence that the knowledge he possesses was handed down to him through a direct lineage of previous Masters that can be linked to the original founder. Additionally, the school must be able to prove the knowledge being taught by real life case studies which can be referenced.

The Master of the school must also be able to demonstrate deep knowledge of all the rings in the Lo Pan (Feng Shui compass) used by the school and the teachings must coincide with the school's Lo Pan.




3. Why is it that I can't see the results after implementing the Feng Shui remedies, even though I have waited years for it?


Most people do not realize that , for Feng Shui remedies to work properly, an auspicious day and time must be selected for the implementation of the remedies ( most of the time ,the date selected do not coincide with the school's theory and Lo Pan.)  Without using the same theory and method ,the date and time, at best the result may be neutral or for the worse it may bring misfortune.
     The T'an School of San Yuan Feng Shui incorporates and emphasize the selection of auspicious dates and times (Xuan Kong Da Gua Calendar system) in its teachings. This makes the T'an School so different from other schools. 




4. Can I mix up the theories of the different schools of Feng Shui?

No, you can't mix up the theories from different schools. For example, the Ba Chai (Eight Mansion Theory) is based on the theory of the East/West group, that is, there are four auspicious and four inauspicious directions for everyone and no time dimension is incorporated in its analysis. Their compass readings are based on 45 degrees making up a sector.
      In the San Yuan school, time and space are included in its analysis. Things change with the passage of time and this makes the analysis of the San Yuan school more accurate. Furthermore, a higher degree of accuracy is achieved as the San Yuan compass is divided into 5.625 degrees in Xuan Kong Da Gua sectors.





5. Why should I choose Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS)?

At CAFS, we are able to demonstrate a direct lineage descending from the original founder of the T'an School of San Yuan Feng Shui, Grandmaster T'an Yang Wu to the only living fourth generation disciple, Master Francis Leyau. Master Francis is the principal of CAFS.

At CAFS, we have a professional setup and facilities for the efficient teaching of our courses.


  6. Among the many schools of Feng Shui, why should I choose T'an School of San Yuan Feng Shui?

In order for Feng Shui implementations to work and to derive the maximum benefits, the day and time aspects must be incorporated. San Yuan Feng Shui has detailed methods( Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection) to choose auspicious dates and times to make Feng Shui implementations work. This makes San Yuan Xuan Kong Feng Shui different from other schools.

Besides, the T'an School is the only school in the world with a well preserved track record of the work performed and all the real life case studies done by the former Masters right up to the original founder, Great Grandmaster T'an Yang Wu. The case studies contain real names, places, date and time of inspection and remedies and their results thereafter. 


  7. How can I benefit from studying at CAFS?

Depending on your personal objectives, we have professional programs to train you to qualify as trainers and consultants. Hence, the opportunity exists for you to earn an income under CAFS's remuneration plan.
Professional support and facilities are provided to support your work as trainers or consultants.



8. What is unique with Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS)

CAFS has been providing training courses on Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology since 1984.     

We have a proven track record of success. CAFS Feng Shui courses are taught in one complete module format.

CAFS is known for its willingness to teach a tremendous amount of knowledge in the shortest period of time available. By this means that you will acquire all the knowledge and techniques on the subject with full confidence and without being asked to return for several more advanced level modules to gather the 'remaining techniques'. (Learn all in one complete module)

  • All notes are carefully designed to enable you to understand and apply techniques correctly.
  • While the course is designed with the new students in mind, it is also suitable for professional consultants, teachers and practitioners looking for more historical, philosophical and technical knowledge so that it will offer more benefit to their clients.
  • Intensive classes are specifically designed to cover solid and authentic materials only passed down over hundreds of years through a lineage which had been correctly practised and proven.
  • Classes are in Chinese and English, unless foreign students request the class to be held in their language.



Transportation and accommodation:

  • Easy connection from KL International Airport.
  • Easily accessible by car and public transportation.
  • CAFS is at the centre of the city.
  • Hot and cold beverages are available in-house.
  • Restaurants are available around the corner of the Academy.
  • We can assist you to find a suitable hotel.  

        For more information on course fee and registration, please contact                                     

        Email  enquiry@fengshuimastery.com