What students say about  the Advanced Bazi Course on the 29-31 January 2010


Speaking from the HEART

The Advanced Practical Course of Ba Zi

Advanced class of BaZi is a Master Class; to understand the thought process of SiFu and to learn how to think and analyze the information the same way as him, we need to practice a lot.

During the study I clearly formed two thoughts:

My first thought Ė all BaZi teachers whom I had studied from gave me the basic knowledge and instructions. Master Leyau has taught me to see the person as a map; therefore it is easy to find information about the material and social status, family relationships and partners. This has changed my understanding of Yin and Yang qualities in the BaZi chart and showed me how to search deeply for the personís hidden information.

The second thought Ė a real Master doesnít need to travel around the world to offer himself as the bearer of true knowledge.

This wizard lives in the world and students can find him.

This wizard with a pure soul and burning eyes will open to you his knowledge and experience.

He understands and willing to answer all your questions.

He does not have the better or worst students as all students are alike.

I have found my Master and Teacher. 
Thank you, SiFu for what I am today and where I am!

Regards ,
Elena Himbitskaya
Belarus-Ukraine (20-25 April 2010)


Dear Sifu
Excellent class, I'm very impressed of Bazi class. I have totally no doubt  why all the students wrote very very good testimonial for this class, which enlighten me to consider for taking this Bazi class. Since I have been learnt for so many years from so many masters, I firstly thought that Master Leyau way of teaching maybe the same as others masters so I need not have to learn from him.

BUT I was totally wrong, If I did not come for this class, I will miss a lot of thing. His way of teaching just like giving me the KEY to open the Treasure.

I had take long time to learn, but with his class likes shortcut to Bazi instead of long journey. I would love to say great thanks for his teaching to let all of us know what is the way to learn REAL BAZI .

 From Lee (Thailand)
(20-25 April 2010)

Initially, I have my quiet reservation about attending the Bazi Advanced Level course. This was probably due to my previous prior experience learning from other Bazi teachers yielding virtually unclear understanding and inaccurate interpretation leading one to unclear and uncertain analysis and the level of accuracy marginalized.

Based on the previous courses attended with CAFS, I have gained the confidence and respect for your credible teaching ability and hence, decided to attend both levels of the Bazi Course ( Basic & Advanced ).

 I must say from the bottom of my heart, I am totally impressed with your ability and skillfulness once again in imparting a difficult to learn Bazi knowledge into an easy and structured approach to learning it. And after the class is over, I feel very much confident now why certain aspects which was unclear to me previously and suddenly, I am enlightened with amazing accuracy using your closely guarded secret of structured and yet easy to follow approach to interpret the Bazi Chart right down to the levels of Chart Structure Type, Regulating, Useful, happiness and harmful gods/elements. It is certainly AMAZING !!. My respectful Kudos to You, Grandmaster of Chinese Metaphysics.

Typically, the learning process moves through different stages from data to information to knowledge and then seek full understanding after some time. Most teachers I encountered only cover data to information levels. Such as requiring the students to keep referring to different tables after tables and no clear understanding how the concepts and principles come about to aid effective learning. Your special and yet easy & structured approach brings the student not just beyond the information level to knowledge but FULL UNDERSTANDING of what was taught in class which is only possible through live class environment. In addition, you took a passionate and personalized manner to engage ALL the students at their individual level of understanding and lead them from their initial fussy thoughts to CLEAR appreciation of HOW TO SEE the Bazi Chart such as what grade is the chart, what structure is the chart type, why transformation takes place and why no transformation and most importantly, the grand finale is putting up many real-life case studies to drive home the point to ensure that our understanding and confidence are not compromised and yet bring our appreciation of reading Bazi Chart to many levels higher before we started the course. I feel like I am watching a movie when we are in fact merely reading the Bazi Chart. I am deeply impressed and fully understanding what you mean now by reading chart is like looking at a picture.

In short, my inner thoughts for this course attended is summarized in the following Chinese proverb :


( If there were no fishermen to guide us, how could one ever see the great waves of the ocean ? )

Many Many BIG THANK YOU, Grandmaster Francis Leyau. I will treasure what you have taught me and there is never a dull moment attending your courses.  

Best Regards and Wishing You and All at home a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year ahead with good health and good opportunity.

Respectfully, Garrett Lee (1-February-2010)

Thank you for being my Master, my friends, and my guidance. I really benefit so much from the Advance Ba Zi Course. You blow my knowledge of Ba Zi to the highest level that I didn't have from other masters. Whether they don't have the knowledge or they are not willing to share the knowledge like you. Now, when reading a Ba Zi, I can really read it straight like a "picture" and I don't experience any "blockage" in interpretation like before as what my former classmates and students from other schools encounter!

Your way of teaching is so direct and helpful to master the detail secrets of Ba Zi, I can't believe that now I can interprets the "codes" so easy.

Once again thank you Sifu for relieving my thirst of Ba Zi, you're just like oasis in the desert. Can't wait till another course that you are going to teach.

Davis from Indonesia
( 3 February 2010 )

I would like say a BIG Thank You SiFu for being the guiding light to lead this ship that had been lost for years in the sea of Bazi. After sailing through the seas of Bazi and was always hit by the numerous waves of Combinations, Crashes, Special Formations, Useful Gods etc... But never understanding what it mean and keep sailing in circles without actually understanding them.

I thought I know so much about Bazi and was confident enough that I do not require any further studies on the subject until you show us the light to get out of the rough sea.

With patience and dedications, you have shown us the knowledge layer by layer, just like peeling the onions until we get to the roots of Bazi knowledge. Initially I do not understand why you stress on the importance of building a strong foundation to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

With the strong foundations that you have imparted and build solidly into us during the week long course, I can confidently read a person Bazi without reference to tones of Charts and Tables. I must acknowledge your simple down to earth teaching have guided me to the next level of my Bazi knowledge.

With years of accumulated cloud of uncertainty removed, now I can see the chart clearly as a whole picture and also feel the temperament within seconds and without making any guess with confidence. I was really amazed with the spot on accuracy on the Bazi reading using what you have imparted to us to tell the person relationship to Spouse, Children, Career & Money. I would want to say another BIG Thank you to you for being there as my Master, Teacher & friend without any reservations from the bottom of my heart.

Yours Respectful Student,
Joo Meng (4 February 2010)

"After studying so many Bazi courses with so many Masters, this is so far the BEST Bazi course Iíve ever attended.  Nothing comes close to it. If you think that you already knew a lot about Bazi and this is just another course about those structures, combinations and clashes, you are totally wrong!

To me, this course is not just another level of knowledge in Bazi, but more of enlightenment. It allows me to see things in Bazi like never before, more clearly and most importantly, much more in depth and accurate than what is taught by other Masters. My words cannot do this course justice. If you already knew a lot about Bazi and hungry for more advanced knowledge, I would urge you to take the first step and attend this course.

You will learn lots of things that books cannot teach you. I am sure you will be just as impressed as I am about what I had learnt in this course. It is so enjoyable that enough is never enough. Your perspective about Bazi will never ever be the same again.

The secrets imparted to us by Grandmaster Leyau is the result of his decades of studies, research and experience in this subtle art, and these secrets are worth its weight in gold.  I am grateful that he is revealing his lifelong secrets to us. He has shortened our learning curve through his systematic way of teaching, and most importantly, it is not just theory, theory and more theory. Every theory is illustrated with lots of real life examples to make sure we understand what we are learning. The amount of case studies we went thru in this 3 days course is enormous. You will learn to read not just the obvious charts, but also those subtle charts that are hard to read and often read wrongly by many other Masters.

Thank you very much Sifu for your guidance and teaching.  Iíve finally understand the real secrets of reading a Bazi Chart and just like many of your other loyal students, we look forward to learn more from you again soon.

Have a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

With Great Respect,
David from Singapore" 
  (6-February 2010)