Testimonial on XKDG Date selection:



"Thank you for your guidance in the XKDG & Date Selection. I greatly appreciate the awesome manner you imparted the knowledge to me- absolutely clear , systematic and detailed.  I like the way you thoroughly cover the topics  and answer our queries without reservations. With you I don't have to suffer the frustration that certain knowledge will be filtered from me because they are too precious to be shared. Under your coaching, my knowledge has increased tremendously. Whenever possible, I'll come for more courses. Also I'll definitely recommend your courses to all my friends."

Master, above are my sincere thoughts. I really appreciate your coaching and hospitality very much. I wish to attend your coming bazi class but due to family and work I won't be able to come over. I hope I can organize a class for you in Singapore. Oh yes, also thank you very much for the cooked meals. I tried cooking the pork dish and my family likes it. I'm yet to try the stingray.


Maggie, Singapore (14 to 15 March 2010)


For those who think that owning a book of Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection is enough…. Well, you are very, very, very wrong.

This course is a must attend course for people who wants to practice Date Selection seriously. I must thank you Master for imparting your true knowledge and letting us understand the importance of timing in making things happen in the study of Feng Shui. Cheers… just to learn your Date Selection knowledge in the 2-day course is my lifetime knowledge without having to depend on books anymore.

Singapore (14 to 15 March 2010)

“I would like to say Thank You to Master Leyau for such interesting classes on the Xuan Kong Flying Stars and the Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection. I've finally realized, that education could be not only interesting and informative, but also free and easy to understand, funny and versatile.

You gain unique and original knowledge, and experience that are definitely useful in your life. All the small pieces of the ‘big puzzle' are in the right places, and you see the picture in total clarity, a beautiful picture that won't let you down!”

Best regards, 
Janny Himbitskaya, Minsk

Dear Sifu,

After studying at several Feng Shui schools, I’ve finally found CAFS. I would like to consider this as an Ultimate School because you not only taught me a strong foundation in Chinese Metaphysics, but also showed me the kindness and humble attitude of a Grandmaster.

I am appreciative in receiving the precious knowledge which has enlightened my spirit everyday.

Also, many thanks to ET who was always there for us as a very understanding individual and a great organizer!

I am looking forward to more courses with CAFS and would highly recommend them to anybody who is a Chinese Metaphysics enthusiast. 

Best regards,
Diamanda Huynh, Canada


Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I found the courses were very easy to understand and very clear to me. You have a very good technique in teaching, you teach with such precision and detail. I liked the way you made sure everyone had a good understanding and a clear image of the concepts you were teaching before moving on. I felt very confident asking questions and the lessons were easy to remember. I really enjoyed the learning environment; everyone was very friendly and helpful. I also appreciate the extra time provided to us for studying back and practicing in the classroom.

I really enjoyed my stay in Malaysia. So THANK YOU very much Master Leyau and I’m looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

And I also want to thank ET for doing a great job at setting up and planning everything out and the location of the hotel was very convenient to me.

So thank you for everything you have done and I'm so grateful I had this opportunity to learn from CAFS!

Warm regards,
Mai Truong,

There’s a Chinese saying that goes, “Real gold is not afraid of the test of fire.” Sifu Leyau is pure solid gold when it comes to his wealth of knowledge and experience in San Yuan Xuan Kong Studies. He is able to steer the students to the correct information with proper reasoning. I had taken a Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection course before with a different master, and I’m so glad I’ve decided to take this Course too at CAFS. What a difference it makes!

I will definitely be joining the Yin Feng Shui Course in April 2009 and more courses with Sifu when he decides to conduct more!

Best regards,
Brandon Chua, Singapore


All the classes that I have attended, Master Leyau has never let us felt disappointed and DATE SELECTION is really good. Date Selection is the great assets on how we could maximize FengShui with the right method, and of course, the RIGHT TIME for us to apply it to GET the MOST effective results.

If we know about FengShui on how to maximize or utilize it but we can never succeed without the proper Date Selection to match them. This DATE SELECTION is a must to attend, so that we know when we should do the good things or to avoid the bad things from happening to our life & our house.

Master Leyau presented and guided us step by step on how to choose the proper selection of date; that is easy for us students to understand and do it by ourselves.


Lee from Thailand (14-15 March 2010)


I have certainly benefited a lot from the 2 days Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection Course. Thank you Sifu indeed.

I feel that I am one of the privileged lots that has the opportunity to learn directly from a Grandmaster like you.

The systematic way of your teaching such a complex subject is remarkable. The insistence of you in making sure that all the students understand the topic before moving on is highly commendable as well.

I would strongly recommend this course to those serious Feng Shui enthusiasts and practitioners as this is the important key to Feng Shui effectiveness.

Thank you Sifu!


Best regards,

Chim from Malaysia


This Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection Course has certainly filled up knowledge gaps in my understanding of the subject as to why certain aspects were to be manifested in certain ways and the duration of its potency.

Though a good grounding in the fundamentals of Feng shui knowledge is the essential pre-requisite to seeing the desired outcome during the audit but picking the "correct timing" will be a BIG difference to the success of the desired outcome as intended.

Once again, I can only say a BIG THANK YOU to Master Leyau for his forte. I continue to remain humble before Master and seek to broaden my scope and depth of Chinese Metaphysics knowledge and skills under his guidance in the future to come.


Warmest regards,

G. Lee from Singapore


I left the Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection class speechless and felt nothing less than extremely satisfied.

The 2 days were really intense and mind blowing!

The euphoria can still be felt until today (after a week later).

A big thank you to Master Francis Leyau for his great sharing of true knowledge.

Advice: Get a good rest before coming to this class as the exercises really open up your thinking cap when you slowly add in more date selection criteria into consideration.  


Lok Chin Fai, Penang


I’ve studied and used the knowledge of Feng Shui and Ba Zi for a long time. I’ve also learned from many different teachers for countless years. But after my first 2 courses (Zi Wei Level 1 and Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection) with Master Francis Leyau, I’ve had an unusual impression on Master Leyau and CAFS. The ‘new’ information to me was taught in a very clear and simply manner, with a lot of practical exercises, therefore, I completed the courses full of confidence and ready to take action and make full use of the ‘new’ knowledge. There were always opportunities to ask Master Leyau questions and I always received detailed and exact answers. During the class, there was no rigid border between the Teacher and the students. The Teacher was always holding our hands during the lessons. We felt his sincere support and goodwill. Thanks to Master Francis Leyau, I have gotten access to the information which I wasn’t sure about. And now I have a new level of confidence! Thank you Master! If you would allow me, I shall further improve my knowledge with your guidance."

From Alena Himbitskaya, Russia

“Last time, I really didn't know there was such a thing called Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection in Feng Shui. I learned about date selection for personal things using the Dong Gong method, 28 Constellations, Black Rabbit method and others without knowing if the things I had learned really worked or not. After I learned the XKDG Date Selection from Grandmaster Francis Leyau, my eyes were wide opened! Choosing an auspicious date is not just about choosing a good date and time, but the occupants of the house or property must also be taken into consideration! He taught us in a way that we could really understand and have the confidence to choose a good date and time revealed in the ‘secrets’ of the XKDG Date Selection that was never exposed in the olden days. Thank you Grandmaster Francis Leyau for sharing with us! “

From “Anonymous”, Indonesia


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