What the students say about Xuan Kong Liu Fa Feng Shui Course

Dear Master Leyau,

I was very much surprised when my friends told me that a certain Master Leyau from Malaysia would be coming to Thailand to teach the “Liu Fa” simply translated as “The 6 Methods Theory.”  

I had heard of Master Leyau from some of my overseas friends, and we knew that he’s a well-known Master who had been teaching Feng Shui for almost 30 years and had also taught several well-known masters. Some of my overseas friends even flew in to attend his class. It was a wonderful 2 days experience over the weekend; even though he taught in English, Master Mas (another prominent well-known Feng Shui Master in Thailand ) translated the lessons into Thai for the local students, as some of them did not understand English but nevertheless all with the same mind, we came to learn and study.

It was really an eye opener and very interesting for many of us, it was supposed to be a Yin Feng Shui method, but Master Leyau taught us how to apply and implement it together into Yang Dwellings. He simplified it and made it very interesting for us students to understand better. And many of us are looking forward to his next class later on this year on the “Qi Men Dun Jia.”  

We really appreciate Master Leyau very much for his generosity, willingness and patience in giving us an opportunity to study under him in Thailand .  

Best Regards,

Ireen Ong