What the students say about the Zi Bai Jue Course

                        at CAFS in KL, Malaysia on 29 & 30 December 2007

"Finally, the secrets of Zi Bai Jue is unlocked by Master Leyau! His detailed explanation of the Upper and Lower Scrolls line by line clears up any doubts I have on this subject. Most importantly, he explains how to utilise the Zi Bai concepts in real life applications. This, to me, is the most valuable part of the course as you can know lots of formulas and theories, but without knowing how to apply it so that it works correctly, it is useless.  Suddenly, the entire Zi Bai Jue book seems so simple to read and understand!  If you think that activation of the flying stars is via the annual stars, think again...is that always true? Does it always happen? This course will tell you why.
Thank you Sifu for imparting this knowledge to us.  With your "year end bonus", this is the perfect New Year present for everyone of us. I look forward to learning from you again."
Magically Yours,


For practitioners who are serious to bring their flying stars skills to a greater height, this is a course that you should never miss. Master Leyau has put in his invaluable knowledge and experience in interpreting the Zi Bai classic for us. A very noble task indeed. Without him, I can never understand the classic even though I am proficient in Chinese. There are so many encrypted codes in the classic. You need a "professional hacker" like Shifu to decode and decipher the gist of the classical text. Very heavy topic but it has given me deeper and more exciting perspectives about flying stars. Thanks to Shifu for this bonus course. I can now fly my stars not only just on horizontal plane but also on a vertical axis. The greatest take-away for me is that, Zi Bai Jue has really enhanced my skill in forecasting annual events for every household in a high-rise property. Cool!           
Warmest Regards,
Joseph Ching


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