What the students say about the Palmistry Course

                        at CAFS in KL, Malaysia on 20-22 June 2008

"This course is lousy and horrible. Please do not come to this course. You will not gain anything from it. It is a complete waste of time! Ok... if you are still reading this... I lied. Maybe I am selfish. But this course is so good that I wish Master Leyau will only teach this once in a decade or make it a "limited edition" type of class. The secrets and techniques gained in this course are so powerful that with some practice, you can easily outshine most palmists in the market. They simply do not know what is missing. Even though this is only a 3 days course, it will change and revolutionaries your whole perspective on palmistry. Frankly, I never knew palmistry was so powerful and accurate, sometimes even more so than Ba Zi, and this is really scary!
One of the most valuable parts of this course is the Practical. Master Leyau attentively analyzes the palms of every one of us, revealing past events that are amazingly accurate and forewarn us of events that are yet to come. He then reveals the techniques on how he makes those predictions. Our jaws drop! If you think that palmistry is not as precise as Ba Zi or Zi Wei, think again! You don't know what you don't know…
Words could not express how much I enjoy this course and it definitely exceeds my expectations.  I wish to thank Master Leyau for sharing his experience, secrets and techniques with us, and Eric for organizing this course. I know it's a long wait for many of us, but the wait is definitely worthwhile!"
Best Regards,
David Tong


Having just completed the CAFS 3 days Palmistry Course in KL, there is no doubt that Sifu Leyau is a veteran Palmist. He taught us the most accurate method of reading and interpreting every aspect of the palm – the lines, its shape, colour and texture – to immediately be able to determine the character of a person, their state of health, what has gone before in their lives and their destiny; even how to interpret the hand-shake, providing another tool in assessing a person's character. 

I was amazed when Sifu Leyau taught us the “main secret formula” to determine the timing of events that have happened and going to happen in a person's life – career, health, marriage, relationships and the dangers to avoid (with the application of Man Luck).

Sifu Leyau also showed us the significance of the 5 fingers and their meaning. The added knowledge of “unique ink” (palm prints) which is used to enable even the smallest lines (which also have valid meanings) on the palm to be read adds yet another dimension to the art of Palmistry.

The trademark of Sifu Leyau is the unique 'RULER' he has improvised to measure the lines of the palm that display the secrets of a person's life in career, wealth, marriage, health, destiny and life span. This is an added tool which is invaluable for any Feng Shui and BaZi practitioner and is on a par or even more accurate than Ba Zi in view.

There are many palmistry books in the market but Sifu Leyau’s teaching simplifies palm reading with the most accurate results instantly.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Elena Baker, Australia


I was hesitant to sign up for the Palmistry Course in the beginning. Thanks to Eric’s suggestion that I finally enrolled in it just to give it a try. After the course, I found that I was lucky to have made up my mind; if not I would have missed a great thing in my life. I have taken many types of courses especially in face reading before, and would never have thought that palmistry was such an amazing subject.

I am glad as Master Francis was so willing to share his palmistry knowledge with us, which was passed down to him by his late famous palmistry Master. Every minute during the course was wonderful. I was delighted to discover that I could actually check my palm and confirm certain weak and strong elements in my life. I would definitely spread the news to all my friends in business about this course so that they can acquire the skills to shake hand and read an associate very accurately more than the face reading skills that I have acquired. I was also delighted to hear that one of my classmates was so happy to have been able to practise what she had learned on her group of friends the day after the class and got “Ooooh! Aaaahs!” responses when their life and marriage were being accurately described.

Do you know that one can present a fake Ba Zi or can even make up or change the face through surgery, BUT one can’t fake or lie about the hands?

 Palmistry is surprisingly very accurate and I’ve found the answers to a lot of ‘gray areas’ in Ba Zi readings. No words could describe my excitement and I can't wait to start shaking the hands of the people I’m going to meet. Master Francis is so humble and friendly, and he has so much ‘hidden’ information in his head. Wish I could dissect his brain!

I have decided to take up other courses offered by CAFS to console myself for not having the chance to meet this great Master and Teacher earlier. Thank you very much for sharing the precious knowledge with all of us!

From a Feng Shui Consultant in Kuala Lumpur.


I thought I was just going to have some fun learning palmistry as I was thinking it had nothing much to do with Feng Shui. How wrong I was! I was totally overwhelmed while in the class. Palm reading could be amazingly accurate if done right. More so when one can’t quite escape what’s indicated in the palms. Scary!

The first day didn’t give me the ‘kick’ I was hoping for, but the second day did! It was during the time when Master Leyau was teaching us how to “measure the time of happening” with such accuracy that I was dumbfounded! I realized then it was as accurate as Ba Zi and Zi Wei, perhaps even more!

On the third day, when we were all doing the palm prints, I found out that certain fine lines that could not be seen with the naked eyes could be seen on paper. It was really such an amazing method and useful tool. I didn’t expect that there was a skill involved even in doing the palm printing. The skill in palmistry could seem so easy to learn and master; one could read all the books available on the topic, but without the real guidance from an experienced Master, one could only be reading, reading, reading, reading and reading…

It was rather shocking for me to learn that one could tell if a person is living in a good or bad Feng Shui environment as indicated by some fine lines in the palm.

Immediately after the class, I began to take notice whenever I shake hand with another person. It’s a little unbelievable that one could tell a person’s nature by just a simple handshake. Like the TV show - Ripley’s Believe It or Not - well, you better believe it!  Power to the palms!

Well wishes,
”Anonymous” from


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