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        Feng Shui Mastery Series



~Applicable to Yin and Yang Feng Shui~

     Ba Zhai (San He Feng Shui) only works between 45 degrees

ü                   Flying Star Feng Shui only works between 15 degrees

ü                   But Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui works less than 1 degree !

    it is actually 0.9375 degree!

Xuan Kong Da Gua refers to the 64 Hexagrams which is the same as the Yi Jing Hexagrams. Within these 64 Hexagrams, there are hidden secrets and for centuries the Chinese has been using these secrets for various applications.

The study of this Chinese text is very profound as there are many layers of information within the same text. Unless and until someone who knows reveals the hidden secrets to you; you may not be able to access the coded information. This is how profound the written Chinese text is.

In Xuan Kong Da Gua, each of the 64 Hexagrams has an ‘element number’ and ‘period number’. You will find them on the rings of a San Yuan Luo Pan. These rings are very important and the ‘key’ in San Yuan Xuan Kong Feng Shui applications. The ‘key’ will unlock the secrets to release the ‘treasure’.

In the process of learning Feng Shui, Ba Zhai (San He) is for beginner ; Flying Star is the intermediate level and Xuan Kong Da Gua is the advanced level. In the path of Feng Shui study, every true students, practitioners and masters will go through this process which is inevitable.

In this course, You will learn how to make use of the 384 Yao in the San Yuan Luo Pan which has 384 degrees and NOT 360 degrees.


·     You must know basic Ba Zi

·     You must know the applications of a San Yuan Luo Pan

·     You must understand the Flying Star Feng Shui


Feng Shui Mastery series of Xuan kong Da Gua is a 28 hours intensive Feng Shui workshop organized by Central Academy of Feng Shui (known as CAFS). The course is divided into 3 days covering theoretical and practical training (building and site inspection), explanation and application of Lou pan, textbook exercises, exams and finally, a discussion on the answers to the exam questions.   

   To set a standard to the Feng Shui profession and in line with the CAFS program, certificates will only be issued to those who pass their exam. Exams can be re-sat and free repeat on the whole course will be allowed within 18 months.

The aims of the course are :

(1)To impart true knowledge of Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui to students.

(2)To enable the students to apply the knowledge to benefit themselves and others.

(3)To enable the students to earn full or part time income through Feng Shui training and consultancy.

Course Structure – Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui


Day 1

12pm – 6pm


1.  Formation of Ba Gua Wu Chi, Tai Ji, Two Poles, Four Phenomena , Eight Gua and 64 hexagram 

2.  Name of 64 Gua, their symbol and implications

3.  Derivation of the 60 cycle of Jia Zi  and their cardinal points and seasonal hexagram Terms.

4.  Derivation of the Xuan Kong Wu Xing in the 64 Hexagram

5.  Derivation of the Xuan Kong Ai Xing in the 64 Hexagram

6.  Hexagram Families in Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui:

a.  YI Gua Xun Qing (Pure Gua Formula )

b.  Combo of Ten in the 64 Hexagram ( Wu Xing)

c.  Combo of He Tu in the 64 Hexagram

d.  Pure Yun (64 Gua Ai Xing Formula)

e.  Combo of Ten in the 64 Hexagram ( Ai Xing)

f.   Communication of Gua

Year of Happening

1. Calculation on year of event happened.

2. Calculation of happening on Each Yao in the 64 Hexagram mountains  

Day 2

12pm – 6pm


1.  Early Heaven Sequence Arrangement of 64 hexagram and their application

2.  Later Heaven sequence Arrangement of 64 hexagram and their application.

3.  The arrangement of the Early and Later Heaven 64 Gua in inner and outer rings of San Yuan Xuan kong Luo Pan

4.  64 Hexagram Mountains (application)

5.  Ba Gua Nan Jia (insert HS and EB into 64 Gua)

6.  Middle Heaven Ba Gua

7.  "Kinship" in the 64 Hexagram and their application

8.  River East and River West Gua formula and application.


Day 3

12pm – 6pm


1.  Implications of 384 yao in Xuan Kong Da Gua

a. Within Gua (For Man, mountain and water)

b. Out of Gua (For Man, mountain and water)

c. Fan Ying of the 64 Hexagram mountains

d. Fu Ying of the 64 Hexagram mountains

e. Family Gua (Relationship between parent and Children Gua )

f. Robbery of the Seven Stars in Xuan Kong Da Gua 

g. Ling Shen and Zheng Shen (water placement technique in 64 Hexagram mountains) 

2. Term of 64 Hexagram mountains  (From Period 1 to 9)

a.  Qian Shan Qian Xiang

b.  Kun  Shan Kun  Xiang

c.  Mao Shan Mao  Xiang

d.  You  Shan you  Xiang

e.  Xun  Shan Xun  Xiang

f.  Gen  Shan Gen  Xiang

g.  Zi    Shan   Zi   Xiang

h.  Wu  Shan  Wu  Xiang

Day 4
12pm – 6pm

1.  How to apply XKDG  in your Luo Pan

a. Full explanation of each 64 Gua in the inner and outer rings in Luo Pan

b. Xuan Kong Da Gua Luo pan Application

cInterpretation of the 81 Combinations base on 64 Hexagram mountains 

d. Application of 64 Hexagram mountains to Door, Room, Bed , Water, Road and Mountain.

e. Application of 64 Hexagram mountains to external land form

f. Case Study

Course Details:

Date          :                    13-16 September 2014 (Chinese)

Venue        : Melaka, Malaysia
Time          : 12pm to 6pm daily

CAFS intructor ,Advisor Master Leyau

Course fee:  SGD 4,800
Register and pay before 15 June 2014 you are entitle to 5 nights room (Twin sharing) inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch and Tea breaks.

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