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 Feng Shui Mastery Series


Zi Bai Jue – The Purple White Script


It is said that the Purple White Script was written around the Táng Dynasty (618 – 907AD). It was a key source book used by famous Feng Shui masters like Jiang Da Hong, Zhang Zhong Shan and Shen Zhu Ren.

Zi Bai Jue is considered as one of the most renowned Classics on Xuan Kong Feng Shui, and is well-known and most widely-studied by most of the Feng shui practitioners.

The Purple White Script is a surplus used to predict the timing of events that may happen in a household depending on the orientation and the timing of the arrival of Qi to the house.

In this 4 days Course, you will not only learn the meaning but also the applications of Zi Bai Jue using the San Yuan method in order to find out when the actual  'ignition' of events occurred and going to occur; and how it can be combined in the applications together with the Xuan Kong Flying Stars.

This Course will uncover the secrets of the Upper and Lower Scrolls of the text. The Purple White Script is divided into the Upper and Lower Scrolls – the Upper is on concepts and the Lower is on applications.

Course Details:

Date     :19-22 October 2013
Venue - Melaka, Malaysia

Time     : 10am to 5pm daily
Course Fees:  USD 3,800

A fully translated English and Russian version of the Zi Bai Jue (200 pages) is included

For registration / Enquiry about Course >>enquiry@fengshuimastery.com