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July 15, 2011

House facing vs Door facing / magnetic degree vs the affected degree.

My name is Oksana. I am from Moscow, Russia. I have been learning and practicing feng shui for 10 years. For the past 10 years, through my daily practice and discussions with my clients and colleagues, I have accumulated some useful experience that I would like to share with you.

If you have studied feng shui with many Masters you will agree with me that every Master has not got the same answers for the main questions:

(1) How to determine the facing of the house,

(2) What period should we take Ė the period of moving into the house or the period of house building, (3)how to distribute the Stars - using the pie method or using the 9 squares method and finally,

(4) How to make a measurement - should we measure door itself or 3-5 meters away from the door.

The answers to these questions are very important, because our advice that we give to our clients and friends rely on their effectiveness. I think there is no sense to discuss the theory of what technique is right and what is wrong. The best way to find an effective technique is through application. If the technique is effective we will see the results immediately.

Today I am going to discuss one of the main questions - the technique for measurements.

Example №1 .

A few years ago I met Master Francis Leyau. During the course, I told Master about my health problem. Master asked me about the direction of my flat, some questions about my life and he also asked me to draw the plan of the flat.  After that he declared: "No, the facing of your flat could not be Xin (West-3). It has to be Qian (NW-2) or Hai (NW-3)". I was surprised because I had measured many times. I was sure about the results. But Master insisted that I make the measurements once again, explaining his technique of measuring the door, it was a way that I did not try before. I had always measured 3-5 meters away from the entrance because of the influence of the iron door as many other Masters taught, but Master Leyau asked me to measure at the door itself which is his special method.

After coming back to Moscow I tried what Master told and obtained a new direction. It was Hai (NW-3) Mountain as Master deduced. But there was a 45 degrees difference between the previous and this new direction! This means a new Flying Stars chart and a new facing and sitting direction of my flat. Nevertheless, applying the new chart, I moved my stove, bed and desk. And within a month I didnít realized initially until one day I noticed that a part of my previous health problem had disappeared. Moreover, during this month I received advice from a few good doctors on an effective medicine that can help me to ease the symptoms of my illness that I could not find before.

What is the reason for this good and obvious result? I did the same things as before, the only difference was that I just changed the Flying Stars chart to a new facing direction. This meant that we can take measurements even if it was an iron door. But why and how? This measurement seems to be inaccurate logically.


Example №2.
Two shops selling well-known brands,
belonging to the same owner had big money problems. She wanted to close them, but decided to try the last chance and invited me to help her to improve the situation.

Measurements 2-3 meters away from the entrances were unstable. Sometimes the needle showed Wei (SW-1), sometimes - Ding (S-3). In more cases it was Wei (SW-1). The facing measurement of the first shop' s door  was 210 degree - Wei  (SW-1). The facing measurement of the second shop' s door  was 195 degree - Ding (S-3).  Thus the measurements of these two shop's doors (entrances) have 15 degrees difference and they are from the two different Gua. Though they are located in one building, on one straight facing line, these two doors were made of one and the same material in the same factory and they were fixed at the same time.  Unbelievable, but that is the fact.

I decided to join the two shops , making the arch throughway in the wall between them and make new facing Ding door, remade it from the window. I selected a good date for the Three Sha sitting (2010 year) and at the appointed hour the workers to started making a new entrance and an arch throughway.

In 4 days the renovation was done. The shops were opened again on a good day. In one month after the shop opening, the income increased and the owner said that relations between people became much better - no quarrels, gossips and thefts.  Now the income continues to rise.

If we followed the measurement not by the door but far from the entrances, the facing would not change and it would remain Wei (SW-1). As a result this renovation works in May 2010 with annual and monthly 5 Yellow on the South-West facing could have caused big problems immediately after new opening.

The door is the membrane between outer and inner world, between Yin and Yang. In Yang feng shui the door divides outer natural environment (the sun, rain, snow, wind, rivers and mountains) which is Yang and Yin - inner space of the rooms, which hides us from that aggressive environment. In Yin feng shui the gravestone is the membrane, which divides the outer side of life and the inner side of death. As a result, the door and the gravestone are the only borders that divide and join two worlds.  That means that we have to take the measurement of the main door and the gravestone taking into consideration their placement and material.  I donít insist that you believe me. Just check and try. Experience is the best adviser.

1. First question:  
What exactly we are measuring?

You probably know there is more than one North.
There are:

1)Astronomical North,

2)True North,  

3)Map North or Grid North and

4)Magnetic North.

All these Northís have different locations. For example, True North, according to Wikipedia, is "the point in the northern hemisphere where the Earth's axis of rotation meets the Earth's surface".  We can find the Astronomical North by reference to the Pole , Magnetic North now is near Ellef Ringnes Island, Canada. This particular Magnetic North we can see on our Lopan on the Earth plate of 24 Mountains and we can measure it by a magnetic needle. I have told "now" because Magnetic North is always moving, about 60-80 kilometers daily. This theory proves that we cannot just look at the map and determine the magnetic direction of the house, because Map North and Magnetic North are not the same (especially in Moscow).

2. Second question: Are all the measurements be the same ?

Think about it logically, for example, 2 persons are standing in one line not far from each other and measuring using Lopan, will they necessarily get the same degree?

Let's look at the picture.

 Example № 2.

Master Leyau showed us this place during practical at one of his classes. You can see a few prepared places for the graves. If you look closer at the bases of the tombstones, you can see that they are not in the same line, but they do have the same degree of facing when measured. The distance between the tombstones/graves is about 1-2 meters. That means that in order to have the same degree of facing for the different tombstones, Master had to tilt each tombstone.  From this example you can see that even if we are on the same line, with a short distance between the measurement points, we can still get different degrees on the same line facing one direction.

3. Third question:  What is the reason for the difference in measurements?

First reason can be local Magnetic deviation, which can appear because of the mineral deposits of the iron oxide or rocks or even because of the rivers or underground water in the vicinity. In other words, the environment of each particular place on the Earth can make different magnetic deviation and it can change our measurements.

A second reason of the deflection of the needle is the electromagnetic influence or magnetic interference from metal elements inside the doors, walls of the buildings, alarm, and cables. That is why we can have different degrees even with just 20-50 centimeters difference in position. Many Masters say that this influence is not natural; we should avoid it, and take measurements as far away as possible. But it means we will never take measurements in the city because we cannot be sure either we got this measurement due to the metal constructions influence or due to magnetic field influence.  

Article by Oksana


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