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August 9, 2011


Chỉ cần 4 ngày bạn có thể biết cách vận hành và ứng dụng chúng dễ dàng và nhanh chóng như thế nào
Đây là khóa học Phong Thủy Huyền Không Phi Tinh toàn diện nhất hiện nay
70% các pháp sư và chuyên gia Phong Thủy nổi tiếng thế giới đă tham dự khóa học này
Bạn không thể sai được !!!!  

 CAFS - New partnership in Vietnam

August 8, 2011

Announcing another partnership of CAFS - 1fengshuimastery

August 7, 2011
Announcing the partnership between Fsmastery of China and Central Academy of Feng Shui

August 6, 2011
Barrack Obama: The Long Goodbye?
How to make a million bucks doing what you love?

Want to share some secrets? WikiLeaks and the world of Julian Assignee ?     Read All

August 3, 2011
Our New Partners

Announcing our two new partners , Feng Shui Dominion Academy of Canada and Thai fengshuimastery of Thailand



 Fengshui dominion academy

August 2, 2011

About Diamanda Huynh                 Read all

July 15, 2011

House facing vs Door facing
 Magnetic degree vs  Affected degree.

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Feng Shui Today

August 22, 2011

 Can this be the Ancestral Tomb of the next President ?

August 21, 2011

Special thanks to Asia Paranormal Investigators on their efforts to locate the Notable Singapore Pioneers that are buried in Bukit Brown. Their efforts in organizing the two-day DIY tour on the 19 & 26 June 2011 and marking out the tombs with placards did give us the opportunity to study and experience the rich cultural heritage that has been buried in the mound and grass there. These are the cultural and historical heritage of Bukit Brown, where many of our Singapore pioneers and forefathers from the late 19th century to the early 20th century are buried.

Unfortunately, the Government has urban redevelopment plans for the 86 hectares of land. Many have called for public awareness in the conservation of the cemetery. Once Bukit Brown is removed, we will have lost an irreplaceable integral part that binds us to our roots.

As a Feng Shui Practitioner, I am proud to be able to investigate through our very own Singapore Bukit Brown, taking note of the wonderful landforms and gravesites. Indeed, the richness of greenery and peace lies in the heart of this hill where our great Singapore Pioneers are laid to rest.

To those who have yet to visit Bukit Brown, come and take a stroll through this historical monument site.

Dennis Lai ( Singapore)                     Read more

Fengshui in Japan

  • 劉育才老師は、世界遺産の街マラッカに在住される

  • 談氏玄空学の第四代伝人であります。


  • 陽宅風水のみでなく、陰宅風水にも精通し、

  • その膨大な知識、その多くの現場経験は他に比類がない方です。

  • 山中の現場授業は炎天下の中、リュックを背負い、

  • 急斜面を汗だくで登りました。

  • 爽快で感動的な素晴らしい講義でした。


  • 劉老師は風水に対する純粋な探求心を持たれている方です。   Read All





Completion of August FengShui courses in Singapore





Venue :濠景大酒店 River View Hotel

FeeSGD 188/-
Any enquiries, please email: enquiry@fengshuimastery.com




An introduction to ancient feng shui in modern China.

熊毅敏 Xiong Yimin (China)


"熊毅敏,女,祖籍中國湖南省,祖上為中 醫世家,于1999至2001年在馬來西亞中央 風水學院跟隨劉育才老師學習風水,2001 年7月回中國從事風水研究至今,期間多 次拜訪劉育才老師并接受其口傳身教。在 劉育才老師的理念指導下,有志于將博大 精深的傳統文化“三元風水”推廣給更多 的人,讓更多的人能夠受益于這門學問。"
Xiong Yimin, native of Hunan Province, China. Ancestry are from the Chinese Medicine Family. She had learned feng shui under Master Francis Leyau at Central Academy of Feng Shui in Malaysia from 1999 to 2001.
In July 2001 she returned to China, and since then she has being doing Feng Shui research until now. She had then visited Master Francis Leyau several times for guidance and advice in the study of feng shui. Under the teachings of Master Francis Leyau, she had being motivated to promote the traditional method of "San Yuan Feng Shui" so that more people can benefit from this Chinese metaphysics.
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