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10 July 2012

Xuan Kong Da Gua which has been 'marked' as one of the most difficult subject in learning Fengshui now suddenly erase off from my mind after learning with GM, with his vast knowledge and long years of experience had transformed those complicated Hexagrams and predict the time of happening in each event in a very simple understanding way, this certainly can't be done even by reading a complete set of books in the same subject. Now a San Yuan Luo Pan that used to be 'decorative item' now has become a very useful tool in fengshui since we can fully utilize it.
We definitely need guidance from not just a master, but the one with experience!!!
Always felt never enough to learn from him. Please teach us more master,,,,,!!!  
we want to learn more & more,,,,,
Erwin R. Tan - Surabaya, Indonesia

Why we need to bother a good time in moving in, starting business, do renovation, etc?? those things that left unanswered, by now, not only have clear answered but we also knew the right method to select the best day and time to obtain the best result as possible.. This Xuan Kong Date Selection course is for sure is one of the most highly skill that any fengshui master must have. It is based on scientific analysis, not just a superstitious choices with unreasonable explanation.

Erwin R Tan -
Surabaya, Indonesia

30 June 2012

Completion of XKDG Date selection in Singapore

28 May 2012

Dear Friends and Shaun,
You do not know how it was so important (my wife and me) to do this course with our Grandmaster (Francis Leyau).
When we decided to do this course we do not expect so much for this course as we received. 
The knowledge, transparency, true and friendship from everybody. 
It was a pleasure for us to learn Feng Shui with our master.  And great pleasure to know all of you and (with all your calm and balance) Dennis  Lai. 
I hope to see you soon all of you. Because we are interested to get solid all of our known In Feng Shui that we get from this course. 
Thank you very much all of you for your kind and friendship with my wife and me. 
All the best to all of you and please be In touch. 
Rui & Madalena Almeida
23  May 2012

Another success course for CAFS instructor

I would like to express my great appreciation for your dedication in teaching us the XK Flying Star feng shui. I have been seaching for real feng shui for long time and now I found the right path. You demonstrated logical way how feng shui audit is perfomed in macro and micro perspective. I wish I can apply what you taught and improve people life.

Thank you – Liew, Kuala Lumpur.

Learning in and outside the class is always lots of fun with GM, interesting subjects, materials and discussions, gm wants us to understand all the concept easily by his vast teaching method from his long year experiences, practical learning is something that we definitely cant get from any book of fengshui, make all of us wont this course finish early, especially after having those meals cooked by himself, he, he, yummy,,, thank you so much,, we want to learn more & more,, and more,,, Adios Erwin R Tan – Surabaya, Indonesia

Belajar di dalam dan di luar kelas bersama gm sangatlah menyenangkan, pelajaran, materi serta diskusi yang sangat menarik, gm dengan pengalaman mengajar yang lama dan teknik mengajarnya membuat kita mengerti semua konsep2 pelajaran dengan mudah, praktek belajar yang tak akan didapat dari buku fengshui manapun, sehingga kita semua ingin pelajaran terus berlangsung tanpa selesai, terlebih setelah menikmati masakan yang di buat gm sendiri, he,,, he,, yummy,, terima kasih banyak,, kami ingin belajar lagi & lagi,, dan lagi,,

Adios Erwin R Tan – Surabaya, Indonesia

During the 4 days courses (Xuan Kong Flying Star) and stay in Malacca is the best course I ever had. Never regret but gain a lot of knowledge from Great Master Francis Leyau. Master Francis Leyau spends a lot of time with us then his family.

 Master Francis Leyau character is patience, passionate, caring, simple, down on earth generous with his time and knowledge. The course conducted is easy and simplifier. It is like fixing a jig jag puzzle.

At the last days we can see the whole picture of what we had learnt. In the evening Master Francis Leyau brings us to eat Malacca specialties food and hot spring.

During practical time, Master Francis Leyau and Mr. Alan Chong (instructor) will hands on moving the furniture’s and partition of wall to show us. It was a wonderful experience. Mr. Alan Chong is a very easy to get along as if we know each other for years. Mr. Alan Chong will go round on each table to see and guide us.

On the second last day Master Francis Leyau personally cook delicious food for us to eat. Not only us (class) and also invited his ex-student over. It is like a big family from Central Academy of Feng Shui. WE get to know each other. For those who have read our past testimonial should join the first course and you will feel the different. If you read and don’t act is a great lost. If you read and join you are smart and make a correct decision.

Finally, I would like to thanks Master Francis Leyau and family. Mr. Alan Chong to link us to Master Francis Leyau.

Sincerely Chew Woon Ping – JB M’sia.

1 May 2012

CAFS successfully organized the 2012 China tour
more photo

30 April 2012

Congratulation to CAFS licensed instructor Saikarn Lee successfully run her 1st XKFS course in Thailand


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Congratulation to CAFS licensed instructor Prof. Huynh, successfully held her 1st XKFS course in Vietnam

Dear Grand Master Leyau and Prof. Huynh,

I’d have to say I  never thought I’d actually get to study San Yuan Feng Shui School.

I embarked on a huge search on the internet for a true feng shui teacher and it seemed like a never-ending research when I finally I found Prof. Huynh. I didn’t think it was going to be possible for me to study under her but March 17, 2012, alas, my dream came true. I have finally met a true lineage of Grand Master Leyau through Professor Huynh.

Her passion,  enthusiasm, sincerity and the ability to make you feel comfortable in her class as well as encouraging you in your studies is much appreciated. She answered all our burning questions, and I truly believe that she shared with us many of her feng shui secrets, not holding anything back.

Now that I have my certificate from Central Academy of Feng Shui ( CAFS ), I am now confident that my destiny is in my hands. Not only that, I know I can help myself and others. I am to be the sixth-generation disciple of the school San Yuan. I understand that this comes with a great responsibility to carry on Grand Master Leyau\s philosophy that keeping the true Sanyuan Feng Shui knowledge to myself is a disrespect towards humanity

If you’re wondering if you should take this course, please remember Grand Master Leyau’s message that we should not miss the opportunity to learn the invaluable knowledge of Sanyuan Feng Shui, because it will bring long term benefits to oneself and to others. You enrich your own life, you enrich the world as well as the future generations.

Finally, we would

like to sincerely grateful to Grand Master Leyau 

and Prof.Huynh. 

I wish Grand Master Leyau, Prof. Huynh and all colleagues continued health and happiness and the honor to help our

spiritual brothers and sister out of their sea of misery


My thought after CAFS’s  XKDG Date Selection Course

I am very grateful for the guidance and dedication in teaching  Xuan Kong Da Gua Course by Prof. Huynh, directly under the Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS). I am truly lucky to be able to study under the esteemed Professor Huynh

Before attending this course, I tried to supplement my knowledge through self-study but that didn’t get me too far. Now that I have finished this course, I feel like all the time and effort I’ve invested is worth its weight in gold, and my knowledge of Feng Shui before and after this course is a difference of night and day.

This means that I can easily – and confidently – apply the knowledge of Feng Shui for my own  and helping friends, loved ones around to improve their areas of family life, love, health and wealth. Each and every lesson taught by Prof. Diamanda Huynh can be immediately used to change one’s life.

I was particularly proud and happy when I received my certificate from Singapore, signed by Grand Master Francis Leyau

I would like to send deep thanks to GM Francis Leyau Francis, who holds the top invaluable Feng Shui secrets and has passed it down selfllessly to the next generation. I wish GM Francis Leyau continued health and happiness so that he can continue to share the wisdom of true feng shui.



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