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Zi Wei Dou Shu – The Complete Study of Purple Star

Zi Wei Dou Shu is a different school of fortune reading that was widely practiced in ancient China apart from Ba Zi. Zi Wei literally translates as 'Purple Star' and Dou Shu means calculation.

It is also known as the Purple Star in the West. The Stars are not the actual celestial bodies in the Universe. They are merely mathematical symbols bearing different properties.

Zi Wei Dou Shu is based on the calculation of a person's Year, Month, Date and Time of Birth to allocate the Stars into 12 different ‘Palaces'. This formed the person's 'Birth Chart'.
The Birth Chart is divided into 12 Palaces named after the 12 Earthly Branches. Each Palace also represents the 12 aspects or parts of our life. Each of these Palaces is affected and influenced by the main or minor Stars. These Stars affect and govern the characteristics of a person based on the various Palaces they are in. By reading the Stars, one can tell the Destiny of a person.


Course Structure – The Complete Study of Zi Wei Dou Shu

1. Life Palace and Self Palace

2. The Twelve Palaces
Life Palace and Happiness Palace
Career Palace and Wealth Palace
Spouse Palace
Travel Palace
Parents Palace and Children Palace
Sibling Palace and Friends Palace
Properties Palace
Health Palace

3.Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of the Palaces

4. How to draw the Life Chart

5. The Five Element Frame

6. Location of the Emperor Star (Zi Wei Xing)

7. Location of the Emperor Series of Stars

8. Location of the Tian Fu Star

9. Location of the Tian Fu Series of Stars

10. Stars located by the Birth Year Stem

11. Stars located by the Birth Year Branch

12. Stars located by the Birth Month

13. Stars located by the Birth Day

14. Stars located by the Birth Hour

Star 1
The Emperor Star (Zi Wei)
The Emperor Star in various Palaces

Star 2
The Mercy Star (Tian Ji)
The Mercy Star in various Palaces

Star 3
The Sun (Tai Yang)
The Sun in various Palaces

Star 4
The Finance Star (Wu Qu)
The Finance Star in various Palaces

Star 5
The Lucky Star (Tian Tong)
The Lucky Star in various palaces

Star 6
The Wicked Star (Lian Zheng)
The Wicked Star in various Palaces

Star 7
The Treasury Star (Tian Fu)
The Treasury Star in various Palaces

Star 8
The Moon (Tai Yin)
The Moon in various Palaces

Star 9
The Flirting Star (Tan Lang)
The Flirting Star in various Palaces

Star 10
The Gloomy Star (Jue Meng)
The Gloomy Star in various Palaces

Star 11
The Minister Star (Tian Shang)
The Minister Star in various Palaces

Star 12
The Blessing Star (Tian Liang)
The Blessing Star in various Palaces

Star 13
The Power Star (Qi Sha)
The Power Star in various Palaces

Star 14
The Ruinous Star (Po Jun)
The Ruinous Star in various Palaces

15. Brightness of the Major Stars

16. Brightness of the Minor Stars

17. Brightness of Transformation Stars

The Eight Fortunate Stars (
Assistance Stars )

The Sky Horse and Wealth Star (
Lu Cun and Tian Ma)

The Deputies I and II (Zho Fu and You Bi)
The Intellect and Intelligence Stars (Wen Chang and Wen Qu)
The Angels I and II (Tian Kui and Tian Yue)

The Eight Harmful Stars

The Troublesome (Qing Yang) and Worrisome (Tor Luo) Stars
The Fiery (Huo) and Siren (Ling) Stars
The Misfortune (Di Kong) and Calamity (Di Jie) Stars
Heaven punishment
(Tian Xing) and Heaven flirty (Tian Yao)

The Four Transformation Stars

Transformation into Prosperity (Hua Lu)
Transformation into Authority (Hua Quan)
Transformation into Fame (Hua Ke)
Transformation into Annoyance (Hua Ji)

1. How to analyze a Chart - Case Studies

2. How to interpret the Life Chart

3. How to read a 10-Year Period Chart

4. How to read a Current Year Chart

Course Details:

Date     : 11-16 June 2014
Venue   : Singapore
Time     : 12- to 6pm daily

Course Fee: SGD4,800

For registration, hotel booking, transportation and etc., email