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There are numerous schools of feng shui which deal only with landscapes, directions and locations.  The San Yuan school happens to be the only school which includes the time dimension when assessing the feng shui. This adds a three-dimensional effect and  gives it depth thus making the school superior to the others.  The school's insistence on the time factor means that it places a great importance on the changing forces of different periods, thereby incorporating the astrological aspects into it which allows a more accurate and minute prediction of the feng shui effects. As good and bad times do not last forever but change with time it gives us  

To gain an insight into the different schools of feng shui we shall highlight in Table 2.1 the differences between the two major schools of feng shui known as the San Yuan (Xuan Kong) and the San Her (Ba Zhai).   



San Yuan (Xuan Kong Flying Star)

San Her (Ba Zhai) East & West Group


Arrangement of feng shui under this school is based on the time dimension of 20 years (the length of 1Yuan period).



Feng shui arrangement is based on the East or West group of the inhabitant.


Direction of the building is obtained from the measurement of the main door.



Direction of the building is measured from the centre of the house


The house must firstly be in harmony with the universal and earth Qi of the reigning period prior to the matching of the inhabitant's Qi (obtained using the date of birth) to the house.



Under this school the house must suit the inhabitants Qi (also based on his date of birth) but taking no account of the time cycle.


The chart of the house is divided into nine equal squares as shown below. 




The chart of the house is divided into eight sections as follows.



The house orientation should be adjusted to account for the new and upcoming reigning periods.

The good and bad directions for any chosen individual are the same throughout his life thus the house matches the occupants direction which is considered good permanently.

Good and bad directions change with time

Good and bad directions for each group (i.e. East or West) are fixed permanently.


The reading of the house can fall into any of the 24 sectors of 15o each.


The readings only fall into 8 sectors (cardinal direction) of 45o each.

When sleeping the leg's direction is considered as the facing direction.


When sleeping the head is considered as the facing direction.


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