History Of The Central Academy Of Feng Shui  

The origin of the current San Yuan School in Malaysia can be traced back to 1922 when the renowned Grandmaster Tan Yang Wu started a systematic research on Feng Shui and also conducted classes in Shanghai, China.   

He had numerous students to his acclaim and two devoted disciples to his teachings were Master Eu See Ying @ Yen Pen and Master Sui Beng. Both of them came to Malaysia. They had not met each other until their first encounter in 1956 at the Sampo Temple, Cameron Highlands. 

Master Eu See Yin passed on his knowledge to Master Hung Chuan in 1950 while Master Sui Beng passed it to Master Francis Leyau.

Master Leyau founded the San Yuan Feng Shui Academy in 1984, imparting the knowledge of Tan School in Feng Shui and renamed it The Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS) in the Year 2000.  

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