Ba Zi Level 1 The Practical Course

Not like other horoscopes using the orbit of the planets, this school of astrology uses the balance theory of Yin and Yang in the Five Elements to predict people's future, personality, relationship and luck.

In what ways can Ba Zi help you?  

o        Evaluate the future of your business

o        Finding the perfect business partner  

o        Hiring suitable employees for the right positions

o        Promoting the right employees for the best suited positions

o        Improving your relationships with people and family

o        Monitoring your health conditions

o        Knowing the timeliness of your luck

Course Structure - The Practical Course of Ba Zi

1. The principles of the10 Heavenly Stems
The Five Combinations
The Five Clashes
Elaboration on the Combinations
Elaboration on the Clashes
The Life Cycle of the 10 Heavenly Stems

2. The principles and the applications of the 12 Earthly Branches
The Six Combinations
The Six Clashes
The Compatible Systems
The Three Penalties
The Six Damages

3. Hidden Heavenly Stems on Earthly Branches

4. The Five Elements
Understanding the Five Elements
The Twelve Stages of Life
The Producing or Generating Cycle
The Draining or Weakening Cycle
The Controlling or Conquering Cycle

5. The formation of the 60 Pillars

6. The Chinese Solar Calendar (Jie and Qi)

7. The arrangement of the 4 Pillars

8. How to convert the date of birth into Four Pillars

9. How to insert Liu Shen (the six aspects) 
The Day Master
Zheng Guan and Qi Sha (Power)
Zheng Yin and Pian Yin (Resource)
Zheng Cai and Pian Cai (Wealth)
Shi Shen and Shang Guan (Output)
Bi Jian and Jie Cai (Parallel)

10. The relationship of family members to the six aspects
Mother (Yin)
Husband or Son (Guan or Sha)
Wife or Father (Cai)
Brother and Sister ( Bi Jian or Jue Cai)

11. How to calculate the 10 Years Luck Cycle
Calculating the age to enter the first Luck cycle
Plotting the Luck Pillars
Annual Luck

12. How to determine the strength of the Day Master
Strength of Day Master
Weak or strong Day Master

13. How to determine the favorable and unfavorable elements (useful god)

14, The characteristic of the 10 Heavenly Stems.

Note: The course contents are subjected to changes without any prior notice

Course Details:
Date      :  22 to 24 October 2010 (3 days)
Venue   :
Classic feng Shui Mastery, Singapore Location Map
   : 10am to 5pm daily

Course Fees:
S$ 2,100.00

For registration, hotel booking, transportation and etc., email
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