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  Master Sui Beng




Master Sui Beng learnt Feng Shui from Master T'an Yang Wu around the time of the Second World War. At the age of 19, Master Sui Beng became a Buddhist monk. When he was 38, he arrived in Penang, Malaysia to serve in a temple carrying with him the books authored by Master T'an Yang Wu. He was also a traditional Chinese herbalist and physician and was accredited with the formulation of the ‘sampo’ medical oil.  

He initially traveled around Peninsular Malaysia preaching Buddhist teachings and healing people with his medical skills. In 1956, while serving at the Sampo Temple in Cameron Highlands, he met with Master Eu See Ying @ Yen Pen who was stationed there. It was there that they discovered they had both been disciples of Master T'an Yang Wu. On realizing that, they discussed their Feng Shui experiences and ideas in great details. However, their reunion was short-lived as Master Eu See Ying @ Yee Pen was taken till and returned to Penang where he died in 1957. 

A few years later, Master Sui Beng sold his rights of the ‘sampo’ medical oil to a Singaporean in order to purchase a plot of land in Johor Bharu where he established the Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) Temple. He later set up an old folks’ home and an orphanage for the retarded.  

In 1983, he acknowledged Leyau Yoke Sai (Francis) as a disciple after Francis Leyau personally visited and sought  out him at the Kuan Yin temple. It is interesting to note that the temple’s Feng Shui was personally done by Master Sui Beng and with the benefits of good Feng Shui, he was able to run the old folks’ home and the orphanage which had a combined monthly overhead of RM 70,000 on donations that he attributed to the Feng Shui that worked very well. 

In 1997, Master Sui Beng donated RM 200,000 to the state's coffers following the government’s appeal to the public of South East Asia. On 5 July 1998, Master Sui Beng passed away leaving behind a cash saving of more than RM10 million, two plots of land and a row of fifteen double-storey shop houses in Kulai, Johor Bharu, all of which he donated  to the Buddhist Association of Malaysia. 

Master Sui Beng acknowledged Leyau Yoke Sai as his disciple.

Master Francis Leyau visiting Master Sui Beng on 2 May 1998, two months before the demise of Master Sui Beng on 5 July 1998.  


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